Why Jupiter Colour?

Website Design and Marketing in East Sussex

At Jupiter Colour Ltd, we have a wealth of experience in designing and marketing highly successful websites for a very diverse range of clients. We are a small company based in Heathfield, East Sussex who have great design and coding knowledge and like to offer our clients a highly individual service.

Great Web Design in East Sussex

We are proud to say that we can offer our services to anywhere in the country, or even world. That is the great thing about what we do, it can be done anywhere and for whoever requires our services. We do normally provide our great web design for customers in Sussex, Kent and the surrounding areas though, as it means that we can sit opposite our clients to have discussions, or they can just drop into our offices in Heathfield, East Sussex.

The look and feel of your website is very important, as any visitors will make assumptions based on what they see. But it is equally important that the website is marketed properly as this will generate visitors to your website and hopefully enquiries and sales.

We don’t use commercially available templates; we design every project specifically to fulfil our client’s requirements and they have a large amount of input throughout the entire design process. After all it's your website and you know your business and products better than anyone, so we believe that if it's going to be a success you need to be involved. We are passionate and enthusiastic about every project we undertake and in the main have been lucky enough to be able select the client’s that we want to work with.

We very rarely lose clients, and this is a testament to the way we work and the success we achieve. We offer high quality service including advice and information on all aspects of the Internet. We don’t want to design you a website and never hear from you again, we want you to be so happy that you recommend us to your friends and business colleagues.

Our industry is full of so called “experts” who will usually try and baffle you with science and techno rubbish rather than talking to you straight about what you need. Our vision is to demystify the Internet for our clients and in the process create lasting relationships, successful websites and an increase in business. As a measure of this 96% of all our work is gained through referrals from our existing clients!

The first step to discovering how we can help you get the most from your website is to contact us, why not send us the address of your website and we will take a look and give you an honest impartial critique of what you have and if it could be improved.