Website Marketing in East Sussex

Marketing Your Website

The marketing of your website is probably the single most important element to consider if you want to have a busy successful Internet presence.

If you want a succesful website then it must be structured and marketed properly. If it isn't then you are missing out on valuable sales and enquiries. We want our customers to be as successful as possible – it makes us look good and makes them more money!

Regardless of the type of marketing you want to do, the key to it's success is the keyword research you do and the knowledge of the person you choose to do the marketing. We start thinking about the marketing of a website when we are building and optimising it and will discuss with our clients important key words at a very early stage.

You simply cannot afford to get this wrong

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about the structure of a website and adding the right content in the right way to help you to achieve a better organic [natural] search engine listing. These are the listings on the left hand side of the page on search engines such as Google or Yahoo, underneath the shaded 'sponsored links'.

Natural listings can take a lot longer to achieve than Pay Per Click listings but they are very powerful. If you get a top 5 listing for a key search term on Google your trafiic will sore and you will get more enquiries and make more sales. These are the positions most businesses want, but getting and keeping them is based on experience and knowledge and that's where we come in.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

This is another option to get your website found on the internet really easily and quickly. We offer Pay per Click [PPC] campaigns to get you seen in the sponsored link sections. These are the adverts on the right hand side of the search engine pages and the coloured adverts at the top of the left hand side on Google.

These listings are different from natural listings, in that every time someone clicks on your link you pay a fee to the search engine, hence the term 'Pay Per Click'. The main benefits of PPC marketing are that your adverts and listings can be seen almost immediately. This is particularly important if you are selling products online. If you have just invested in an e-commerce solution you need instant traffic and sales.

These PPC systems are highly developed and very sophisticated, enabling you to set up budgets for a whole month or just an hour, you can even select what time you want the adverts to be seen. If set up correctly you will get reports on traffic and also detailed information on conversions. If you spent £100 a day and knew that this had lead to £5000 of sales would you spend £100 every day?

Search engine optimisation and pay per click campaigns are very different and have very different sets of rules. Our experience is therefore vital if you are to make an impression on your market.