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As Jupiter Colour Ltd are a local East Sussex web design consultancy, we always believe that we can can help our clients better if we know the area. As we are on the border of Kent and East Sussex, we have a really good knowledge of the Tunbridge Wells area and are therefore well qualified to talk to any prospective customers who are based in and around Tunbridge Wells.

Tunbridge Wells Web Design

The design of a website, the look and feel, is very important to the success of the site. As soon as someone visits your website they are unconsciously ticking boxes in their mind... is there a professional looking logo, are the colours used pleasing to the eye, is the site easy to navigate, is there a clear call to action... If you get all these elements and others right then your visitor will have confidence in you and will take a positive action. If you get them wrong and you look unprofessional or cheap, these will have a negative effect and the visitor will leave. Please take a look at some of the clients we work with.

But this is not all you have to consider. While the website is being designed it will also need to be marketed to a search engine to help you get visitors; the same visitors who are hopefully going to buy your products. If the website isn’t coded properly then it will be far harder to get it seen on a search engine, even impossible. You have probably heard the term Search Engine Optimisation;well a lot of the important optimisation is done when the site is being built, the names of files, the directory structure, keywords in the text; if you don’t get this right when you are designing it, it will affect the success of the website.

With Facebook being used by almost everyone these days in some form or another and even Twitter is useful for so many things, you MUST consider having a good presence on them. Social Media is important for everyone and anybody who does not think that these will be useful for their business, need to think again.

We are website designers in Heathfield, East Sussex but we are designing a website for YOU! You know your products and services far better than we do, so we do need and expect your input. We design in stages and at each stage our clients give us feedback and we discuss and make changes based on this feedback. So that when the website is ready to go live you have seen it and been involved in its development.

If you would like to find out more about our design services please fill in our Enquiry Form or use the details on our contact page to get in touch.