Social Media

If you want a succesful website you NEED to be thinking about how social media can work for you. This is not a FAD and it will not go away. You will hear more and more about it and it will become more and more important.

If you have any doubts as to the importance of Social Media, then just watch the excellent video below... it will be one of the best 4 minutes 26 seconds that you ever spend!

Customise Your Facebook Page

These days, almost everyone is on Facebook, therefore making it one of the most important areas of marketing out there. If you want to advertsie your business on Facebook, then it is vital to customise your business Facebook page - why should it look ordinary and boring when it could look great and really reflect the quality of your company and products. We can customise your facebook pages for you so you can advertise here.


Twitter is another avenue of marketing for your website. If you don't want to be forever tweeting, then why not link this up to your Facebook page and it can be updated automatically. There are also directories on here that you can advertise in - a must for all businesses.

However, not every social media site will work for every type of company and website, but there will be combinations that will work for you. For instance if your company has an online shop there is almost certainly a great sales opportunity if you were to develop a succesful Facebook group. For more professional service based businesses, Linked In may be more profitable.

A blog is becoming a must have these days for any company that want to get seen on the Internet, allowing you to post news about your company, products or even just things you like. The search engines love new content and blogs in particular can really help you get good positions on search engines and help you keep those positions.

Dont rule out social media just because you don't get it! If you aren't sure how it can help your business contact us and we will be happy to chat to you about it and explain in real terms how it can help you.