iGoodies Special Offer

A lot of our work is generated by word of mouth and we would like to say a big “thank you” to all our friends for assisting us in finding new clients. You should be doubly pleased with yourselves as you have passed us business and the people you refer us to will get a great website that is designed and marketed properly; so you will in fact be helping two sets of friends!

We have decided to give you something back... Our offer to you is that if you give us any leads resulting in Jupiter Colour designing or marketing a website for a new client, then we will give you one of our i-Goodies.

It’s simple, you give us a lead and if that turns into work we will give you an iGoodie, it may be an iPod Shuffle or even an iPad. What we give you depends on how much work we get from your lead. If it is a starter website then you will receive an i-pod Shuffle, if it’s a slightly bigger site you may get an i-pod Touch. If, however the website we design is a large website, possibly with an online shop then as a BIG thank you, you may receive an i-Pad! When we receive your leads we will send you a list of all the available iGoodies.

What about that for an offer!!

These leads do not necessarily need to be local, they can be all over the world, it is the World Wide Web we are talking about after all here! Just talk to your friends, family and business colleagues and ask them if they need any help with their websites and if they say yes, just put them in touch with us.

So get started and send us your leads...

Click on the email link below and send us the address of the website and the contact name of the person you know there, we will call them to discuss improving their website. If you can prepare your friend and tell them that we will be calling that would really help and the more leads you send us the bigger and better the iGoodie could be!

[This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Jupiter Colour Ltd special offer]